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Search the archive to learn more about the early years of the summer school


The Summer School of Music, held initially at Bryanston in Dorset before it found its permanent home at Dartington, was the most exciting and imaginative music education institution in post-war Britain. It brought great musicians from around the world to teach and perform music ranging from the fourteenth century to the present day. After the isolation and restriction of the war years, the new mobility and diversity of the Summer School made it a uniquely stimulating meeting ground of musical ideas.

Use the links below to search the programmes of the earliest years of the Summer School. Explore what music was played and who was teaching and performing it, from the foundation of the Summer School in 1948 until 1953, the year of its arrival at Dartington.

This database and search page has been created by team members of the AHRC-funded research project 'Music, Migration and Mobility - The Legacy of Migrant Musicians from Nazi Europe in Britain’ at the Royal College of Music, namely Alison Garnham, Sarah Whitfield, Sam Weinstein, Sureshkumar Sekar and Norbert Meyn (project lead).

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