The Legacy of Migrant Musicians from Nazi-Europe in Britain 

Sheet Music Editions (free download):

What a Life! Music from the internment revue by Hans Gál, Douglas, Isle of Man, 1940:

This edition is almost ready, but because of a temporary suspension of the Music, Migration and Mobility Project, the completion of the edition has been delayed. A preliminary version can be made available on request. Please click here to ask for a copy.

You can watch excerpts from What a Life! on the RCM Youtube Channel:

Ballade vom Deutschen Refugee

Der Song vom Doppelbett (double bed song)

You can also buy a CD with Hans Gál's diary 'Music behind Barbed Wire' 

Egon Wellesz, Drei Lieder nach Texten von Ernst Stadler Op. 24:

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Peter Gellhorn, Mooragh (Isle of Man, 1940):  click here to download  

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External resources and organisations:

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