The Legacy of Migrant Musicians from Nazi-Europe in Britain 

Principal objectives of the project are to:


  • Investigate the geographical, institutional and creative mobilities of musicians who migrated to Britain from Nazi-ruled Europe during the 1930s and '40s, and the contributions they made to the shaping of post-war British musical culture

  • Evaluate what was distinctive about the musical experience that these musicians brought with them, how it developed in their adopted country, and its legacy in contemporary institutions and practices

  • Investigate how music they composed after arriving in Britain can be understood by contemporary practitioners, and how it might best be presented to today's publics in ways that reveal its transnational nature

  • Develop innovative ways of displaying and disseminating the multi-faceted narratives of these musicians' lives as a means of advancing ongoing debates about migration, mobility and culture formation in general.

Further information is available on the research pages on the Royal College of Music website and through UK Research and Innovation.