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MMM at the Midlands Music Research Network

The ‘Music, Migration and Mobility’ project was recently represented at the Inaugural Conference of the Midlands Music Research Network

Three members of our project team, Principal Investigator Norbert Meyn, and Research Associates Michael Holden and Beth Snyder, presented ongoing research at the first annual conference of the Midlands Music Research Network, which took place 19-20 April via Zoom. Our panel, which explored both methodological dimensions of our project as well as specific case studies, kicked off the MMRN conference on Monday morning, and led to productive conversations we were able to carry throughout the remainder of the event. The conference took a practice-led and transdisciplinary approach to musical creativity with musicians (composers, performers and conductors) featured alongside scholars from the disciplines of philosophy, musicology, history and cultural and linguistic studies represented on the eclectic and thought-provoking programme.

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