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RCM Researcher visits Salzburg

Updated: Jan 8, 2020

Music, Migration and Mobility project researcher Dr Beth Snyder (Royal College of Music) visited Salzburg in the week beginning 24th November 2019. She says: I had a lovely visit to Salzburg this past week. I was there to meet with MMM Co-Investigator, Prof Dr Nils Grosch, head of the Department of Art, Music and Dance Studies at the University of Salzburg, and to spend some time with the papers of Ferdinand Rauter, which form part of the university’s Music and Migration Collections. Rauter, or Rau (as he was known to friends), worked tirelessly, in his musical collaborations with singer Engel Lund and elsewhere, to advocate for the transcultural significance of folk song. After emigrating to Great Britain, Rauter also promoted cross-cultural exchange during and after World War II in his role as co-founder of the Anglo-Austrian Music Society. Image: Prof Nils Grosch and Dr Beth Snyder

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