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Inaugural Online Symposium Success!

Updated: Dec 11, 2020

Many thanks to all those that attended our inaugural project symposium on the 3rd December! We had over 70 delegates attend, with an international audience from the UK, Austria, Sweden to the United States, Israel and Greece. All your questions, comments and feedback make a huge difference to the research, so keep them coming!

For those who were unable to attend the entire event, both the papers and musical performances can be found here, (papers will be available to the 31st January).

Next Concert:

If you would like to explore this repertoire further, we would also like to invite you to the free live stream concert with Ensemble Emigre next Wednesday December 9.

The programme presents musical gems by three composers who came to Britain in the 1930s from Nazi-Europe. Norbert Meyn will be singing a selection of beautiful Lieder by the Brahms protégée ROBERT KAHN, including the only English song he wrote in the 1940s.

Ingrid Pearson (clarinet, RCM) will join Norbert Meyn for three Kanons, effectively duets with piano accompaniment, written by Kahn in the 1920s.

There will also be two fascinating pieces solo cello (performed by Abigail Lorimer) and solo clarinet (performed by Ingrid) by EGON WELLESZ, the Sonata for Cello, op. 31 (1920) and the Suite für Klarinette solo, op. 74 (1954).

Finally, Christopher Gould and Norbert Meyn will attempt their first live performance of the song-cycle ’To Poetry’ by MATYAS SEIBER, written in 1952 for the tenor Peter Pears, which we also recorded for the symposium.

Please sign up here for the concert, you will receive the youtube link in the confirmation email:

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